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Weekly Wanderings {2017 week 6}

My wanderings around my world this week started with…

Roasting potatoes.



Cake layers

Dips, chips, and the Super Bowl!

White garlic pizza dip

You know it’s all about the food here. Potato pinto bean tacos, and short rib tacos. Both were excellent, but the potato ones were my favorite.


That feel when you make something that looks really challenging and it turns out AMAZINGLY.

Raspberry chocolate mousse cake

Best part of our Super Bowl party was this pup that snuggled in my lap the entire time. Do you think anyone would notice if I hide her away until everybody leaves? 🤔😏


(Breakfast) taco Tuesday!

Breakfast tacos

Time to make ALL THE PHO.

Pho cookbook

Kimchi sandwich… with shortribs. 😉

Short rib and kimchi sandwich

Found a new-to-us restaurant when the other restaurant we wanted to go to was waaaaay too packed. Now obsessed with this khao soi. It’s so good I was literally slurping the last bits of curry soup out of the bowl after I had eaten everything else…

Khao Soi


Where are you wandering this week?



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