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Weekly Wanderings {2017, week 10}

My wanderings around my world this week started with…

Stuffed peppers.

(Me from a decade ago is wondering what the **** is wrong with me, to be voluntarily eating bell peppers?!)

(Me right now asserts that these are actually ridiculously delicious, and yes I’m questioning my sanity too.)

Stuffed pepper

Our koi pond.

The little monsters are getting huge!

We’re mostly just amazed they’ve survived this long.

Koi in a pond

Friendship rose.

Yellow rose

Current dinner: green curry with sweet potatoes and green beans, miso salmon, and brown rice.

Made a ginormous batch of all three last weekend, and we’ve eaten it every night since (and haven’t gotten sick of it yet!)



Adore this article about a great friendship that crosses generations.


Where are you wandering this week?



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  1. I have always liked bell peppers … on my pizza where they still have some texture. Mushy peppers, not so much so I was one of those kids who gutted my stuffed peppers and cabbage rolls and just ate the filling. Now, when I get a craving for stuffed peppers, I make stuffed pepper soup where texture is not an issue and I get all those same flavours. I’ve gotten smarter with old age. 🙂

    Beautiful rose. I could never keep my fish very long as I got bored with them so I gave away my last tank and fish to a good home

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