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Cafeteria food in Stuttgart, Germany {May 2014}

The true purpose of our Europe trip was business – a client who is based in Germany wanted us to travel out there to work with their team in person for a week.

We stayed in Hotel DORMERO, which reminded me of a Vegas hotel – it was gigantic, had a bunch of restaurants, and even had a threater connected to it.

Plus their breakfasts were 👍 👍

Work was productive, but obviously the best part of the trip was the food.

A certain somebody (*cough* Son *cough*) couldn’t get enough of the bretzels (soft pretzels) with butter that showed up in our conference room every morning.

But only half of the bagels came with butter… so one of our awesome German coworkers ran to the grocery store to pick up some Kerrygold butter for the rest of the pretzels.

(German meeting food is way better than American meeting food!)

And ordinarily, you’d think, cafeteria food? Mehhhh.

But the cafeteria food we got on that trip was the best food we had in Germany.

And not that’s not a judgement on the rest of the food we had in Germany – the cafeteria food was just that good!

Lunch included German favorites such as currywurst, schnitzel, spaetzle, and spargle (white asparagus).

And it was all SO good.

(Plus, “spargle!” is just fun to say.)

Not to mention, pastries!

One of our German coworkers brought in these delicious pastries that are apparently a Stuttgart specialty – they’re called “bobbes”, which apparently means “butt” in Swabian (the region of Germany that we’re in).

And on our last day, one of our coworkers brought in these strudel pastries (I never quite got the name of them). Very tasty.

The food in Germany was a delight!

(And three years later, a certain somebody is *still* craving those bretzels…)


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