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Weekly Wanderings {2017, week 7}

My wanderings around my world this week started with…

Eating waffles and talking tech with fellow nerdgals at a Girl Develop It meetup.

An awesome start to the week.

Bacon and blue cheese waffle

… and then I went home and reheated waffles from our freezer, then topped them with fried eggs and bacon. Because Son wanted waffles too. 😅

Waffle with frico egg and bacon

Got The Pho Cookbook last week, so this week it’s time to make some pho!

Pho in the pressure cooker

Went for a walk on Valentine’s Day. Tried to take a photo of some pretty flowers. Instead got Son photobombing my photo. 😏

Son photobombing my photo

… got the photo of the flowers anyways.


Our aloe plant has gotten to be quite plump!

Aloe plant

Pho success!

Pho ga

Sprouted palm tree seeds look like little pink bugs.

Palm tree seeds

Itty bitty garden at the base of the palms.

Base of the palms

Deceptively calm rain on leaves.

Meanwhile, I nearly got blown away (and definitely got soaked) on my walk home.

Rainy leaves

Current dinner: spinach + chickpeas + eggs, and then add radish kimchi. Super easy, oh so healthy, and really really tasty.

Chickpeas, spinach, egg, kimchi


Where are you wandering this week?



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