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Weekly Wanderings {2017 week 5}

My wanderings around my world this week started with…

Lots of cooking.

Blueberry muffins

Lots of recipes that will be coming to Fridgg soon(ish)!

Blueberry muffin

New Year’s flowers. Late afternoon light.


Butterrrrr chicken.

Butter chicken

Pretty hand pies. Guess which holiday they’re for? 😉

Hand pies

Made an extra hand pie with the pie crust scraps. Ugly as heck, but still tasted great!

Hand pie

One of the walls in our house is pink. Drives me nuts, but it makes for a good photo background every now and then.

Strawberry coconut popsicle


Strawberry coconut popsicle

The best part of making all those recipes for Fridgg… is getting to eat all the leftovers. 😁

Hand pies

Roasting. My house smells yummy.

Roasted tomatoes

Work in progress. I may or may not have licked the bowl clean after making the mousse.

Raspberry mousse

Messy kitchen.

Kitchen mess


Where are you wandering this week?



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  1. Great pictures as always. The blueberry muffins remind me that I threw a small package of blueberries into my freezer last week when I came home from shopping. I can hardly wait to bake with them.

  2. A_Boleyn – Thank you! Yum, looking forward to see what you make with them! 😋

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