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Tourn’Bride, Paris {May, 2014}

Chocolates in hand, it was time for lunch, just down the street at the restaurant the chocolatier owner recommended.

Tourn’bride was empty when we got there – although I imagine that’s to be expected at 3:30 in the afternoon.

We started with the rilette de saumon, which was quite tasty.

I can’t ever say no to escargot!

And ooohhhhhh my goodness the duck confit. With those crispy potatoes! To die for.

We tried their French onion soup, which was also excellent.

(Did I mention the escargot?


Overall, while the service may have been a bit brusque (although, what do you expect – we were probably interrupting their afternoon break!), the food was excellent.

And then we were off, to our next Paris adventures!


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