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Weekly Wanderings {2017, week 8}

My wanderings around my world this week started with…


Beef and Guinness pie

Thai food.

Prik king

A couple favorites that we get every time.

Green curry with salmon

And a new-to-us dish – a delicious Thai version of the Vietnamese hu tieu that we adore.

This was really good.

Thai hu tieu

Freezing my shoulder off at physical therapy.

At physical therapy

Bought a screen for our bathroom window. Screen turned out to be just barely too large. After much screen manipulation and jamming, somehow managed to actually get the screen in without breaking it!

No, we do not live in a forest, it just looks that way.


Salmon sashimi.

Salmon sashimi

Separating eggs.

Egg yolk


Where are you wandering this week?



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