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A train from Paris to Stuttgart {May 2014}

Dear Paris,

It’s really quite unfair of you to be so lovely on the day we had to leave.

Paris streets
Hotel Relais Bosquet

We had gotten quite comfortable in our little hotel, with the tiniest elevator I’ve ever seen, and the charming but odd gentleman who manned the front desk.

View from our room

And the bakery!

A girl could get used to getting tasty sandwiches and pain au chocolat every morning, at a charming shop just steps from her front door.

Allison just outside the bakery

The gorgeous architecture…

The beautiful language…

… and you weren’t nearly so rude as they told me you’d be.

In fact, we were quite charmed by you.

But leave, we must.

After all, the true reason for this trip was business, and our client sadly was not located in France.

Salmon sandwich

But don’t worry, Paris. We’ll remember you fondly.

Salmon sandwich

(Especially your food!)

Apricot croissant

But for now, we’re off…

To Stuttgart!


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