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Phở for Son’s birthday

Phở spices

I first made phở bò tái three years ago, for a Daring Cooks challenge.

I haven’t made it since then, since Son‘s dad makes it regularly, so we get to have it sometimes when we visit.

Phở meat and bones

However, Son’s dad hasn’t been cooking as much these days, so Son asked me to make him phở for his birthday last month.

Phở broth, before we removed the fat

This time we were able to find fresh phở noodles at a 99 Ranch supermarket that recently opened near us, and were also able to get better quality meat and bones, as well as the proper herbs that Son is used to eating with phở.

Son’s been experimenting with photography and lighting more lately, so he took photos of each component of the phở. (The first photo, of the spices we used in the broth, is our very favorite!)

Phở spices

Though we ended up at a dinner party on Son’s birthday, he did get to enjoy the phở earlier the week of his birthday… and enjoy it, he did!

The finished bowl of Phở


3 Responses

  1. Very nice food pictures…

  2. That finished bowl of pho really makes me want to go out and get some.

    I like that first picture of the spices you used as well. It reminds me of the one I took of the pickling spices I used to cook a huge picnic shoulder. I used some of the same spices.

    Perhaps one I day I’ll pick up some star anise and other ingredients and make a pot of stock for a very good pho like yours.

  3. That is one excellent pho and it looks really delicious. I can imagine myself eating it while it’s snowing outside. We don’t usually make that here but I admit that is one of the best and most delicious dishes I crave for.

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