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Contest Time – Sugoi Garlic Sauce!

Yummy Sugoi Garlic Sauce

Everyone loves contests. Heck, who doesn’t enjoy an opportunity to win free stuff? Especially when it’s awesome, free, yummy, food stuff?

You may remember almost a month ago, when I raved about Sugoi’s garlic chicken. Since they sell the sauce online, we knew we would be ordering some when we got home. Since we were ordering some for ourselves anyways we figured, why not reward our awesome readers with a giveaway?

This sauce has many different potential uses – drench fried chicken with it, use it as a marinade, it can even be mixed with mayonnaise and used as a dip or dressing. It’s entirely up to your imagination!

So here’s your chance: just leave a comment on this post by midnight PST on Friday, October 24. Make sure to leave your name and email address, so I can contact you if you win. I will randomly pick two commenters, and announce the winners next Monday. Good luck!

Note: Because of shipping costs and restrictions, I’m limiting winners to those in North America. So sorry to the rest of the world, but one of these days I promise I’ll have a contest you can participate in as well.

Garlic chicken from Sugoi… yum!


25 Responses

  1. Happy birthday baby!

    By the way, this sauce is so good that I’m entering the drawing too! 😀

  2. This stuff sounds fantastic…especially on fried chicken! Definitely needed to spice up our food here in the galley on a remote Naval facility.

  3. So sad I can’t participate, but I understand. I happily, I won’t be part of “the rest of the world” from next january; yeahhhhhhh 😀

    Nolwenn’s last blog post… Yakitori de boulettes de poulet au saké

  4. This sauce sounds so delicious! The post on the garlic chicken made my mouth water, I’d love to try it some day.

  5. Happy birthday, Allison!

    How come you didn’t buy a bottle or two while you were there?

    Nate’s last blog post… Gizdich Ranch Apple Butter Festival (Watsonville)

  6. happy birthday!

    pick me! pick me!!

  7. Son – Gah! You’re not supposed to tell anybody! You silly man. You know you can’t enter… you’ve already got two whole bottles all to yourself!

    Nolwenn – Sorry you can’t enter! But there will be other contests, don’t worry!

    Nate – Thanks! We didn’t buy it there because we couldn’t bring it on the plane, and it actually would have been more expensive to check a bag so we could bring it back, than to pay for shipping and have them ship it here.

    Thanks to everyone who has entered so far, and thanks for the birthday wishes as well. 🙂 For everyone else, don’t forget, you have until Friday to enter the contest!

  8. Happy Birthday Allison! Please pick me!!! 🙂

    Hooshy’s last blog post… hooshy: @hayden_harnett Yay! Hoping to be there 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday Allison. Sounds yummy.

  10. Woohoo free stuffs! Oh happy b-day by the way! 🙂

  11. Oh yeah, I came by to wish you a happy birthday here and found myself in a contest, how exciting! I make homemade chicken fingers for my daughter and she is a huge garlic lover. I bet that might make an awesome dipping sauce or taste yummy as part of the marinade before baking! MMMM….

    Wendi Kelly-Life’s Little Inspirations’s last blog post… Rainy Days and Mondays

  12. I’m always looking for ways to spice up chicken! This garlic sauce sounds like it holds a lot of addictive potential. 😛

    Marie’s last blog post… Chicken Teriyaki – Work Edition

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  14. Me, me!

    rachel’s last blog post… Chocolate Drizzled Caramel Apples

  15. Wow, I came on to check your updates and I found the pumpkin muffins post (I am most likely going to make some later in the week ^-^). Plus, this contest. Which is pretty easy to enter, so why not.

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  17. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Sounds delicious! And i’ll go with the bandwagon to wish u a happy birthday ^-^

  18. Ooh, a contest! I’m in! 🙂 It sounds delicious. Did you enter MY contest?! 😀

    And, duh, happy birthday, fellow October baby 😉

    Yvo’s last blog post… SF k8, Day 7: The Domaines: Domaine Carneros & Domaine Chandon

  19. Erfs, ignore that, I blame being sick. I KNOW you entered =X

    Yvo’s last blog post… SF k8, Day 7: The Domaines: Domaine Carneros & Domaine Chandon

  20. Drifted over from SushiDay, where both versions of Summer Salmon rolls are tempting me!

    And Happy Birthday (though it’s probably a little belated now!)

  21. Happy Birthday Allison! I love your Sushi Day blog, but I’m semi new to this one. I would love to win some yummy garlic sauce…sounds great!!

  22. Sounds yummy!

  23. Garlic, you say? That doesn’t require my hands to smell like it for two days? Count me in!

    Melanie Baker’s last blog post… Prosit!

  24. Hi Allison,
    Love your blogs – they always make me hungry. Your food pictures are awesome! Happy Birthday, too. In honor of your special day, I promise to enjoy the heck out of my garlic sauce if I win.

    Savannah Lane’s last blog post… My try at poetry

  25. Thank you everyone who entered (and thank you for the birthday wishes! 🙂 ) The contest is now closed. Two winners will be randomly chosen this weekend, and I will announce the winners of the garlic sauce on Monday. 🙂