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Weekly Wanderings {week 35}

Happy birthday, to meeee!

This year, Son took me to North Italia, at the recently-opened The Pointe in El Segundo.

STEAMED PEI MUSSELS – white wine, butter & garlic, fresh herbs, spicy salumi (so delicious)

Steamed mussels



BACON & EGG PIZZA – italian bacon, farm egg, potato, garlic confit, basil (really freaking good)

Bacon and egg pizza

SQUID INK MAFALDINE – white shrimp, calamari, acqua pazza, mint, fennel pollen, calabrian chili

Squid ink pasta

BOMBOLINI (italian donuts) with meyer lemon curd, vanilla mascarpone


My mom gave me the sweetest gift – a photo of me with my grandmother (who passed away a year ago), in a frame she found at grandma’s house.

Me and grandma


Links I’ve loved lately:

A lovely essay on becoming a writer.

I so badly want to start/join a cookbook club. Who’s in?


Things I want to eat:

An excellent-sounding brussels sprouts recipe.

If it’s made with spaghetti squash, then that means this spaghetti squash carbonara is good for you, right?

Everything about this pasta bake sounds amazing.

I love kabocha, I love caramelized onions… which means I really need to make this galette.

These key lime pie thumbprint cookies sound so yum.

I really like the idea of these eggs in squash rings for breakfast.