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Weekly Wanderings {2016 week 37}

This week in my world…


100 degrees!

All the ice cold pickles I can possibly stuff into one bánh mì… because it is 100 FREAKING DEGREES outside (and 90F inside) and every little bit of cold helps at this point.

Homemade banh mi

This again…

More trees

You should be sensing a theme at this point… 😀

Banh beo

“This is really nem nướng… look, they took a nem and they nướng-ed it!”

Nem nuong

This guy. I’m quite fond of him.


Before rolling.

Spring roll, pre-roll

After rolling!

Nem nuong spring rolls

Legit tom yum soup. Muuuuuch better than the one we tried last week.

Tom yum soup

Prik king. Because spicy fried pork belly, obviously.

Prik king

Yep, him again.

Son eating

An attempt at a vegan version of canh chua cá (Vietnamese sour fish soup) that was so good, even Son likes it!

Canh chua ca

Such good spicy tofu sushi.

Spicy tofu sushi

This is what happens when you deep-fry a rice noodle.

Fried rice noodle

My grandma’s recipe for chicken chow mein.

Chicken chow mein



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