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Weekly Wanderings {week 34}

Heart beet. <3

Heart beet


Links I’ve loved lately:

This is fantastic, and I kind of want one.


Things I want to eat:

Butternut squash bacon biscuits. I mean, obviously.

Definitely want some of this sesame chicken.

Intruigued – miso in apple pie? I want to try.

All the black sesame things, always. And so perfect for Halloween!

I keep bookmarking recipes for Hokkaido milk bread, but I still haven’t made it yet. Time for that to change!

Basil ice cream… sounds odd, but tasty. I bet I’d enjoy it.

This kimchi udon stir fry looks amazing.

And oh man, I could happily eat this Taiwanese beef noodle soup every day!

I always adore sesame balls.

Doesn’t this braised beef ragu look amazing?

Been obsessed with soft pretzels since our trip to Germany last year.

I love brussels sprouts, so this thai braised brussels sprouts sounds like something I need to make.

Caramelized onion and roasted garlic pasta… oooohhhh my goodness yes.

Fries + aioli always.

Still haven’t made chili. Still bookmarking allll the chili recipes.

I’ve fallen in love with these mung bean sprouts every time we go to a Korean restaurant. Yeah, I definitely need to learn to make them at home.

Sticky. Toffee. Pancakes. omg.

This scallion beef stir fry sounds excellent.

Son adores panna cotta, so I bet he’d love this soy milk panna cotta.

Lotus mooncakes are my favorite.

This char siu looks insanely good.

Gingerbread + smoothie = healthy breakfast? I’m not complaining!



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