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Weekly Wanderings {week 7}

Do you do big Sunday dinners with your family?

We never did growing up (although Sunday breakfasts were totally a thing), and that’s not something Son and I do these days either.

But randomly, last weekend, my sister (who’s taking care of my dad right now) invited us all over for dinner.

It was fantastic, and I’ve unofficially decided it’s going to be a thing that we do every week (except for this week, because we’re doing it on Tuesday for St. Patrick’s Day instead), from here on out. 😀

I made these miso-roasted potatoes and mushrooms, and there was also pot roast, mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, and artichokes. Delicious all around.

family dinner


A few years ago, when we first moved into this apartment, Son and I started a garden.

At first, it worked out, and we even got a little tomato harvest!

And then it failed spectacularly.

Unfortunately our porch gets very little sunlight, our area tends to be very humid, and OHMYGOD SO MANY BUGS. Our poor little garden hardly stood a chance.

So we’ve had this little planter sitting outside by the walkway, empty for years. And recently, we’ve noticed it’s actually started growing random weeds and stuff. So Son decided, on our way out to run errands, to pull out the weeds and plant some seeds, just to see if anything happens. We’ll see…

planting seeds


Boiling Point is comfort food. I love their Japanese Miso hot pot, and Son always gets the Lamb one. So satisfying.

hot pot

Our favorite Thai restaurant is right next door to Boiling Point, so even if we get Boiling Point, we always have to stop by for take-out.

Their bathroom mirror wants you to know that you are beautiful. ^_^

bowl thai mirror


As I’ve mentioned a month ago, I’ve started learning to crochet!

First things first, learning basic stitches on scrap yarn.

Next up, a potholder!



You know it’s going to be a good day, when your mom shows up with a pink cardboard box full of… chashu bao!

chashu bao


My sister’s girlfriend, Hal, wanted to try ramen for the first time, and asked me where she could get some. Son and I were planning on going to Mitsuwa this week anyways, for the Kyoto Fair, so we invited them along.


Unfortunately, the bento advertised for the Kyoto Fair was unavailable, but she still got to try takoyaki, okonomiyaki, ramen, and tempura.

Kristen and Hal

Although the bento was unavailable, there were still some packaged foods for sale. We got some sesame and chocolate yatsuhashi (Kyoto-style folded mochi), which were delicious!

chocolate yatsuhashi


We loved the yatsuhashi so much, we went back the next day for more, to give to Son’s parents (and get some more for us, as we had already shared with my family).

We also tried a matcha dango. It was strongly matcha-flavored, and refreshing on such a hot day (we’re in the middle of a crazy heat-wave).

matcha dango


It’s weird seeing cows in the middle of Southern California.

I’m pretty sure they thought it was weird seeing people pulling up and taking pictures of them, while they were trying to eat.



It’s been a while since we’ve gone to the Chinese restaurant that we love in Chino Hills, so we had forgotten how delicious everything was.

We got the braised eggplant, mapo tofu, braised pork belly, and steamed cod. All were fantastic. We definitely overate.

mapo tofu


Links I’ve loved lately:

I wish I could have this breakfast sandwich to start off every day!

This hermit crab video made my week. They line up in order!

This ice cream sounds AMAZING.

I want to live here.

I need to make this Thai-style salmon chowder, and this spicy Korean clam chowder. All the Asian chowders!


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