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Weekly Wanderings {2016 week 9}

My aunt and uncle that we visited last week sent us home with a box of these Rustic Bakery cheese coins. Can you say “addicted”?

Rustic Bakery cheese coins

Hello, old friends.

Pointe shoes

Banh tet (a rice roll filled with pork belly and mung bean paste that’s often eaten around the Lunar New Year).

Banh tet

My current go-to easy lunch.

Avocado bean salad

Son found these and made me put them on while I was cutting onions. I gotta say, they do help… even if it does make me look ridiculous… 😉

Allison wearing goggles to cut onions

Made this garlic and herb vegan cheese for our first family Sunday dinner in our new house. It was a win!

Garlic herb vegan cheese spread


Links I’ve loved lately:

I love this article about long-term romance.


Things I want to eat:

Sweet potato fries, crispy beans, garlic tahini cream sauce. All the delicious things.



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