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Weekly Wanderings {2016 week 50}

This week in my world…

(Yes, I know there are 52 weeks in a year, but we skipped two weeks when we were out of the country in the spring – travel posts for those two weeks coming soon!)

Flying over snow-capped mountains on the way home from Arizona.

Flying over snow-capped mountains

Home-grown Thai chilis.

Thai chilis

About to be ground up with salt, which Son will then sprinkle over pineapple.

Thai chilis

Christmas #2 at home. Yes, we have a fake fireplace on our TV in front of our real fireplace.


Tried a new Chinese restaurant. It was mostly meh, but before the meal they gave us a dish of seaweed-seasoned peanuts that were SO GOOD.

Peanut with furikake seasoning

The xiao long bao weren’t too bad. But then, I always adore xiao long bao.

Xiao long bao

Hot tofu soup is the best on rainy days.

Cooking tofu soup

So spicy! But so good.

Tofu soup

Making tamago for New Year’s.


Kampyo gourd.

Kampyo gourd

Powering up for a day of sushi making!

Breakfast sandwich

And… we’re off!

Ready to make sushi

First, we make the kappa maki.

Kappa maki

Then, it’s the vegan sushi.

Vegan sushi

Next, it’s time for futomaki.


Then we finish off with the bacon crunchy shrimp roll, spicy shrimp inari, and sashimi… then it’s time to eat!!!

New Year's sushi

Good words for this year.

'It's not how you start, it's how you finish.' - Peppermint Patty



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  1. Those tiny little chilis are adorable. And so much tasty sushi.

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