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Weekly Wanderings {2016 week 39}

This week in my world…

I know it’s like, the most American thing ever, but I’m a sucker for moo shu pork.

Chinese food

A flower fell off one of our champaca trees, so Son put it in a bowl of water for me. MY OFFICE SMELLS SO GOOD.

Champaca flower

Ham. Frico egg. Curry mayo. English muffin. Yum.

Breakfast sandwich

In this week episode of Son’s garden adventures… we somehow managed to wrangle an 8-foot trellis into our little Accord. 😂

Trellis in our car

The Big Mo’s Favorite Po-Boy for me…

Orleans and York

…and the Gumbo Mumbo Platter for Son.

Gumbo Mumbo

So delicious. And so much food… we ended up taking more than half of it home for dinner!

Gumbo Mumbo

I’m ready to eat.


It appears our house has a very large spider problem… 😱

Halloween spider

Delicate delicata.

Delicata squash



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