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Weekly Wanderings {2016 week 2}

Started the week off with this excellent bò lúc lắc (Vietnamese shaking beef). Buttery, tender, and way more flavorful than any I’ve had elsewhere. So good, we got a second order to go!

Shaking beef

We got rain this week! Serious, drenching, holy-shit-I-am-not-going-outside-in-that-downpour rain!

I’m still not convinced El Niño is here yet (the rest of the week has been disappointingly dry), but I’m still pretty excited about the rain we did get.

The best part? Hot chocolate with colorful marshmallows, and homemade blueberry muffins from mom. My five-year-old self is quite pleased with how this whole “growing up” thing has turned out.

Hot chocolate and blueberry muffin

Two out of three kids visited mom on the same day and ate her soup and focaccia bread.

(Would have been three out of three, but my sister’s out of town.)

I definitely went back for a second helping… with mom’s permission, of course!

Beef and barley soup, homemade focaccia


Links I’ve loved lately:

I just can’t help myself, I love a good pun

I keep watching this over and over, it’s just so cool.

Slightly obsessed with her ballet technique. I’ve watched a video of her that a friend posted on Facebook at least a couple dozen times in the last few days, and now I really want the DVD of the whole class!

I love author Delilah Dawson’s blog posts about depression and mindfulness – she isn’t afraid to be honest about real life, even when it really really sucks.


Things I want to eat:

Definitely intrigued by this miso sesame gnocchi.

Chipotle beef and bechamel lasagna – talk about comfort food!

Chocolate + peanut butter + banana + muffins… yes, please!

Really love the idea of this baklava oatmeal.

Absolutely definitely need to make this apple fritter bread.

I always go for the Asian flavors, so obviously I’m all about this creamy kimchi and sausage pasta.

This no-churn ginger ice cream is absolutely happening as soon as temperatures warm up around here!



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