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Weekly Wanderings {2016 week 3}


It’s the little things that make me smile, like daily coffee in a mug that was part of a dish set that I inherited from my grandma after she passed.


Lookin’ up…

Dubliner cheese and crackers

The perfect snack. Kerrygold sent me a package of cheese (they’re the best!), and I’m just a little addicted to this spreadable Dubliner. So freaking good.

Thai coconut chicken soup

Our current comfort food of choice. Slow cooker Thai coconut chicken soup with green beans. So easy to make, and soooo good over rice.

Gel pens

Whilst packing/purging in preparation for an upcoming move, came across these memories! Who else was OBSESSED with gel pens back in high school? Surprisingly, a handful of them (which are all more than a decade old) still work! The marbled and metallic ones were the best. Obviously. ^_^

TINK pen

Another fun find while packing, this one from middle school. I was known as “Tink” for years, after playing Tinkerbell in our school production of Peter Pan. 😀

Japanese miso hot pot

My Boiling Point go-to: the Japanese Miso Hot Pot (no spice, with rice).

Banh nam

Banh nam are one of my favorite Vietnamese foods. Essentially flat dumplings made with glutenous rice flour and pork, they’re so good.


A month ago I subscribed to Try The World, which is one of those subscription boxes that send you a bunch of different foods to try each month. (For them, each box is a different country.) We really enjoyed it, which led to me browsing around in their shop, which led to me buying these canned squid in olive oil as a gift for Son (because it totally sounded like the kind of thing he’d love). Oh. my. goodness. What a good decision on my part. 😀 They were amazing (I think they’re worth the price, as a once-in-a-while treat), and tasted very much like crab. So tasty.

Interested in subscribing to Try The World? You can use this link to subscribe and get a free Paris box (I’ve tried it, it’s got some good stuff) (and yes, that’s an affiliate link).

Monster crab

My aunt sent us this huuuuuge crab as our Christmas gift this year (she’s the best at gifting!), so over the weekend my mom and brother cooked it up for us, and we feasted! Insanely delicious.

Crab legs


Links I’ve loved lately:

Just finished reading The Moonlit Garden. Loved it, it was a very cool mystery.



Things I want to eat:

This salad.

And to balance it out, this BBQ Pulled Pork Quiche. 😉

My current breakfast habit is KIND Maple Quinoa Granola mixed with “Bear Naked” Chocolate Elation Granola, with milk. Which is perfect for me (pretty healthy, delicious, and filling enough that I’m not hungry half an hour later), but soooo expensive. I’ve been thinking I should figure out how to make my own… and then I randomly came across this recipe, which looks perfect!

Pain au chocolat was one of my favorite things when we went to Paris a couple of years ago!

I need to try these sticky rice waffles. NEED TO.



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