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Curry Udon

Curry udon

As you may be able to tell from the fact that I happily ate curry udon on both of my two trips to Japan, I love curry udon.

It’s been half a year since our last trip (not that you would know it from the fact that I still haven’t finished posting about this year’s trip…), and of course I’m craving all the things that we ate there. Onigiri, ramen, takoyaki… and curry udon.

Shirley from Lovely Lanvin posted a recipe for curry udon on the day we got back from our trip to Japan. I think the woman’s psychic. I’ve been wanting to make it ever since then, so when we had an especially cold December and I wanted comfort food, I finally decided to make her recipe.

I made a couple of small changes, just based on what I happened to have in my kitchen at the time. No mushrooms (didn’t have time to run to the Japanese supermarket to buy them) and I used the vegetarian dashi from the Tsukimi udon recipe that we recently talked about and posted on my Miso Hungry Podcast.

The end result? Honest to goodness, this was the most delicious thing that has come out of my kitchen in a very long time. (And I’ve made some pretty delicious things, like the apple cheddar latkes and especially the scalloped potato gratin with three types of potatoes – and bacon!, so that’s saying something!)

This will definitely be happening again in my kitchen on a regular basis, and I highly recommend you try it out too!

Head over to Lovely Lanvin for the curry udon recipe!


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