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Weekly Wanderings {week 31}

Can’t stop, won’t stop. Caprese all summer long!

Caprese salad

Getting into the smoothie scene.


Way way back when Son and I first started dating, the main place we would go was Wahoo’s Fish Tacos. (Also Costco. Pizza + hot dog combo = the best.) It’s been ages since we’ve been, so this brings back memories!

Classic Wahoo's

Whole Foods has this vegan burger that’s surprisingly really freaking good. We take it home, heat it up, and add pickles… and it’s just as satisfying as a normal burger, but we get to pretend we’re actually being really healthy. 😀

Vegan burger


Links I’ve loved lately:

This. I mean seriously, I spend a ridiculous amount of time searching for clothing that has decent pockets.

Now this is my kind of 3D-printing.

This has been on my mind.

And for something a bit happier, a mashup of famous dance scenes set to Uptown Funk (so good.)


Things I want to eat:

These honey jalapeño tofu nuggets sound addictive.

Maple + apple fritters = two of my favorites in one doughnut!

I want these jalapeño biscuits in my belly.

One of these years, I want to learn to make mooncakes.



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