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Weekly Wanderings {2016 week 30}

Pork belly with shrimp paste. Sounds weird, but it’s SO good… and we’ve almost got the recipe perfected!

Pork belly with shrimp paste

Geeking the heck out at the AT&T IoT workshop.

IoT workshop

Farmer’s markets + bacon wrapped hot dogs = things that must happen when my sister is in town.

Kristen and a bacon-wrapped hot dog

Pulled pork.

Pulled pork

Sandwich. Brother. Brother’s girlfriend.

Pulled pork sandwich

Must-try things at this weekend’s Taste of Japan festival at @mitsuwa_marketplace: the negiyaki, the black sesame ice cream, and (most of all) the *roasted* green tea ice cream. SO. GOOD.

Negiyaki and yakisoba

That negiyaki was pretty tasty too.


I always love takoyaki.


LA mountains.


There are many “bosses” I’ve had to defeat in my years of eating Vietnamese food: the fish sauce boss, durian boss, cilantro, rau răm… this week I beat the biggest boss of all – I finally ate an entire blood cube… and it wasn’t bad at all!

Bun bo hue

Ice, ice baby.

Icing everything

… I’m pretty sure Son is making fun of me.



Helicopter at the beach


Links I’ve loved lately:

Girl power.



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