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Weekly Wanderings {2016 week 17}

Every recipe in Tokyo Cult Recipes (which the publishers sent me for free) looks delicious! Now to find the time to cook something from it…

Tokyo Cult Recipes

Sakura green tea, swirling in the cold-brew teapot we’re kind of obsessed with. Bought one to try, then bought five more… (my favorite cold-brewed tea to drink is oolong; Son really loves green or jasmine tea).

Sakura green tea

Salmon, lettuce, dill, tartar sauce. Sandwich.

Salmon sandwich

Sunsets at the beach.


So pretty!


Still obsessed with that avocado and white bean salad. Now, with cilantro!

White bean avocado salad

I run (5ks!) for cupcakes.

Me after running a 5k

New shoes!

New shoes


Yep, those are affiliate links!



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