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Weekly Wanderings {2016 week 15}

Tsujita LA is our favorite ramen place in LA, but my mom had never been there. So of course we had to change that!

Their ramen is fantastic (so is their tsukemen, but that tends to be a bit heavy for me). This time, I added a soft-boiled egg (perfect) and menma (bamboo shoots – theirs is so good!)


We also had Son’s mom visiting, and she brought a TON of food. She brought a couple of “7 course beef” (bò bảy món) dishes, and we made spring rolls. Good stuff.

Spring roll

Son’s spring rolls… generally end up on the overstuffed, sloppy side.

Son's falling-apart spring roll

There are a lot of things I adore about our new house, but one that I’m just beginning to appreciate are the rosebushes that a previous owner had planted. Now that they’ve all started blooming, we’ve discovered that each bush has a different color of roses… and they’re all so beautiful! These orange-pink ones might be my favorite.

Orange-pink rose

Son’s mom also left us with some homemade bánh ít trần (a type of dumplings) that were soooo good. They’re Son’s favorite dish… which means I’m going to have to find a way to get her to teach me!

Bánh ít trần


Links I’ve loved lately:

If you’ve ever watched one of those tiny house shows, this rant is hilarious.

We’re kind of rice cooker fanatics over here, so I found this article about rice cooker fuzzy logic pretty interesting.



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