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Weekly Wanderings {2016 week 23}

Daily writing.

Daily writing

It’s officially summer… which means it’s time for my yearly root beer float!

Root beer float

Hello summer, hello fish tacos! (Hello, deck that could use a good sweeping!)

Fish tacos


Links I’ve loved lately:

In the short time we’ve been living in our house, several bird families have built nests around our garden and roof… so I can relate to this story quite a bit.


Weekly Wanderings {2016 week 22}

The yin/yang beauty of a broken yolk.

Broken egg yolk

My favorite time of the day, in my favorite part of our house – mealtime with the fishies!


Red rose.


When you can’t figure out what to eat… ramen + fried onions + green onions ain’t a bad meal.

Green noodles and fried onions

Caprese salad, allll summer long.

Caprese salad

“Ugh, look at me being all hipster n’ shit,” said Allison, as she rearranged the table for the perfect foodie photo. 😉


Who knew somethings as simple as bananas + oats + chocolate chips, and nothing more, could be so tasty?!

Banana oat cookies

Dad always loved taking us kids to hike Inspiration Loop at Will Rogers State Park, so of course we had to head up there for Father’s Day.

Allison and Patrick at Will Rogers

Yes, my shirt says “Train like you’re in Legends of the Hidden Temple”.

View from Inspiration Point

Out-takes, thanks to the bugs that were attacking us the entire hike.

Allison and Son, outtakes

Finishing off Father’s Day with another of my dad’s favorites – El Pollo Loco!

El Pollo Loco and the NBA finals


Weekly Wanderings {2016 week 21}

I’ve attempted green smoothies a few times, but either they’re really gross, or just not quite tasty enough for me to make more than once.

Not so with this Sassy Sweet Green Smoothie. Son and I like it so much, we’ve made it several times already!

Green smoothie

It’s not bitter, not too thick… perfect. And healthy!

Green smoothie

Gotta drink those smoothies so I can have my chorizo breakfast sandwiches… 😀

Chorizo breakfast sandwich

When a bunch of avocados ripen all at once, just blitz ’em with some sweetened condensed milk (to taste) for sinh tố bơ (Vietnamese avocado shake), Son-style. (… and then top it with more sweetened condensed milk, because yum!)

Avocado smoothie

Bread from our favorite bánh mì shop, mayo, Maggi sauce, store-bought pâté, homemade chả lụa (two types – turkey and pork), homemade đồ chua (pickled carrots and daikon), cucumber, cilantro. In other words, a very delicious homemade bánh mì.

Banh mi

Ping pong.

Ping pong table

Son totally owning my brother. 😉

Son and Patrick playing ping pong


Weekly Wanderings {2016 week 20}

Coming home from a trip to Asia (Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Japan) means we are craving alllll the Asian foods.

Especially bánh mì.

Always bánh mì.

Homemade banh mi

This is how I breakfast pre-workout.

English muffin with peanut butter and bananas



Apples and peanut butter.

Apples and peanut butter

Look up every now and then.


Went on a run, stopped for a burger.

Five Guys burger

Kit Kat!

Kit kat

Using National Doughnut Day as the perfect excuse to have my dad’s favorite doughnuts for the first time since he passed.

Apple fritter

Apple fritters and blueberry doughnuts. Oh so good.

Blueberry doughnut

Homemade bánh mì, with chả lụa that I made from scratch.

Homemade banh mi

Another attempt at an omurice omelet! Much better this time… now, to perfect the rice!

Egg omelet

Sour plum soda. Weirdly addictive.

Sour plum soda

Bánh bèo.

Banh beo

(My favorite.)

Banh beo

Found a new Vietnamese restaurant in Little Saigon that we’re addicted to.

Caramelized clay pot catfish

Their canh chua cá (sour fish soup) and cá kho tộ (caramelized clay pot catfish) are both total comfort food.

Sour fish soup

It’s that time of the year again… June gloom!

Driving into the June gloom

We’re kind of addicted to these homemade bánh mì.

Homemade banh mi

With homemade chả lụa (the meat), homemade đồ chua (the pickles), home-grown cilantro, fresh cucumber, bread, a smear of mayo and a dash of Maggi sauce… can you blame us?

Homemade banh mi