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Cheese Age

Cheese Age

I was apprehensive at first. Although I am learning to love spicy foods, my sensitive little tongue can still only take so much. The first nibble got only fried won ton; the second a bit of melted cheese. The third bite… ohmygoodness spicy! Normally after one bite of overwhelming heat, I would have made Son eat the rest. But with these… more please?

I first tried Cheese Age (pronounced ah-gay) when I took Son to Honda-Ya for his birthday last year. These cheese and jalapeño filled won tons were one dish that we knew we would have to try to replicate at home. Although they were quite spicy (I was grabbing for a glass of water, while Son had no problem at all with them) they are one of the few spicy foods I can’t get enough of.

I’m not the only one who adores them. The first time I made them, I took them to a Christmas party with my mother’s side of the family. Everyone liked them, and my Great-Aunt loved them so much, she kept going back for more and even took the rest of them home with her.

They do take a bit of effort to make, but I promise you it’s worth it. (Great. Now I’ve got myself craving more cheese age. See how delicious they are?) Oh and I know it uses Velveeta, and I’m probably going to be banished from the foodie world because of this, but I really was just trying to replicate the original cheese age the best I could. Although I haven’t tried, you could probably make them with cheddar or some other type of *real* cheese, and they would be just as good.

Cheese Age


  • 1 package of wonton skins
  • 1 package of Velveeta individual cheese slices
  • 1 jar of sliced jalapeños
  • vegetable oil
  • water

Cooking Directions

  1. Lay down a wonton skin so one of the corners is pointing towards you.
  2. Place a jalapeño slice just below the halfway point of the wonton skin.
  3. Break the cheese slice into thirds.
  4. Break each third of the cheese slice into pieces, arrange on top of and around the jalapeño.
  5. Brush the bottom two edges of the wonton skin with water.
  6. Fold the top half of the wonton skin down over the fillings.
  7. Press the edges together to seal the wonton.
  8. Pour enough oil into a frying pan so it is at least an inch deep, heat it until it is hot (sorry, I have no exact temperature for you).
  9. Place one layer of the filled wontons into the pan.
  10. Fry wontons until they are golden brown. When we did this, we found that they expanded quite a bit and would start to leak cheese if one of the sides hit the bottom of the hot pan (which is why we want the oil to be deep enough so this doesnt happen.
  11. Let cool, and enjoy!
Cheese Age


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