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Weekly Wanderings {week 37}

That wonderful thing when a friend makes you a bunch of healthy deliciousness, which feeds you for the next week. <3

Protein mix salad



Hot pot.

Hot pot

Cold ice cream.




Still eating breakfast tacos after our Austin trip.

Breakfast tacos


Links I’ve loved lately:

YASSSSSS I so want one of these.


Things I want to eat:

Son’s dad has been sending che xoi nuoc home with us whenever we visit recently, so now I really want to learn to make it.

I am always all about everything chocolate peanut butter.

And while we’re on the topic of my obsessions, black sesame everything.

This pumpkin pasta looks pretty amazing.

These coconut maple-glazed carrots sound wonderful.

And miso cauliflower? Yeah, I could totally do that.

These apple fritters are making me swoon.

The absolute cutest totoro egg toasts!

When I was a teenager, I was obsessed with Violet Crumble. So now, every time I see a recipe for honeycomb candy, I really really want to make it…

I adore scallion pancakes, especially if there’s bacon involved!

This ramen looks amazing, in the trashiest possible way.

I mean, who *wouldn’t* love a homemade twinkie bundt cake?!

These baklava bars sound pretty amazing.



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