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Weekly Wanderings {week 30}

Feeding my lavender obsession with pretty sachets to put everywhere.

Love lavender

Fallen flowers.

Sunlight through the trees

This heat though. *melts*


Venturing into the world of smoothies. This one – chocolate + kale. Not bad…

Choco-kale smoothie

The view from where I’ve permanently melted.



Links I’ve loved lately:

Important life skills



Things I want to eat:

I’m intrigued by these thousand layer chocolate chip cookies.

This is the kind of decadence I want in my breakfast sandwiches.

I’ve been keeping an eye out for delicious-sounding vegan recipes lately, so this vegan pho piqued my interest.

Asian ice cream flavors are the best.

Seriously tempted to buy a spiralizer just so I can make this for breakfast.

I definitely would enjoy the heck out of this red bean bread.

I am of the belief that KFC stands for Korean Fried Chicken (although the other kind is pretty darn tasty too).

These fancy s’mores are so elegant!



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