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Weekly Wanderings {week 28}

I skipped last week’s Weekly Wanderings because I literally had not taken a single photo all week. Not one.

But I had a good reason for it! The last few months, Son and I have been working on a relaunch of Fridgg, with a brand-new design and whole new backend (using React and Node.js, for anyone who cares). The last week was a huge push to just get it finished and released to the public, so it was a whole week of nothing but coding for clients and coding for Fridgg in every single free moment.

But we did it! IT’S ALIVE!

Fridgg relaunch!

We celebrated by cooking Korean BBQ. By ourselves. At home. We’re party people like that.

Korean BBQ

I finally finished a second potholder! It only took me like half a year.


Eating as much caprese salad as we can before tomato season ends.






Custard imagawayaki (kind of like a grilled sort of mochi-ish cake, filled with custard. very delicious), from Mitsuwa.

Custard imagawayaki

We went to our favorite Chinese restaurant again, and for some random reason this time they had a dessert soup that just happened to be ready while we were there, and they served it to all the tables on the house. The soup itself was not bad, but not really my thing (I’m not much of a chrysanthemum fan), but those purple balls? Little mochi balls filled with a sweet black sesame paste. I was OBSESSED. (Seriously, I think I ate as many as Son and his mom combined.)

Chinese dessert soup with sesame mochi

Happy Labor Day, and have a wonderful week!


Links I’ve loved lately:

This is soooo good… and also made me cry.

Libraries are important! At one point in time, it was my life goal to read every single book that my little local library had… and I’m pretty sure I probably got through just about the entire kids/young adult fiction section. So many of my childhood memories are at the library, and I would be devastated if my someday kids didn’t have that opportunity.

This made me laugh… because I’ve totally been there.

Who wants to move to Tokyo and take katana lessons for exercise? This girl (*points at self*), that’s who! Who wants to come with me?

I’ve recently started reading more travel blogs (I can’t go anywhere, so I’m living vicariously through others), and this one is one of my favorites. She’s HILARIOUS (her recent post about The Princess Bride also cracked me up), and her posts both temporarily satisfy my wanderlust and also really make me want to go back to Europe.



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  1. Looks tasty. I like it

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  3. lovely. i like them. delicious

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