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Weekly Wanderings {week 24}

We love going to the Korean supermarket and buying random banchan to eat all week… and just happened to find some Korean pancakes from Trader Joe’s in our freezer. Synchronicity!

Korean dinner

Pineapple juice on the rocks




Hot days require frozen drinks.

Rita's Italian Ice

Thai chicken bread from 85°F. Not bad, not great. Tasted kind of like pizza.

Thai chicken pastry

Fire boat sushi. Too spicy for me, but Son loved it.

Fire Boat sushi

Lobster feast roll. I quite enjoyed this one.

Lobster Feast sushi

I always love red bean ice cream.

Red bean ice cream

And a beautiful sunset on the way home!

LA freeway sunset


Links I’ve loved lately:

We just got a Roomba. This is kind of my life right now.

I love this post about community so much.



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