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Weekly Wanderings {week 23}

We’ve had weird weather lately. Super stormy (for LA), then this crazy thick, warm fog unlike anything I’ve ever seen in LA.


I may be clumsy, but at least I have sushi bandaids which obviously make everything better.

Sushi bandaid

The best easy dinner.

Mashed sweet potato, bacon, egg

Summer tomatoes are my favoritest.


Fluffy blankets are a necessity, even in the middle of summer.


Tried a new restaurant. Not bad!

Fish sandwich

Most people want a summer filled with sun and sand… my summer’s more like Son and sandwiches. 😀

Son and sandwich

My latest obsession. It’s SO refreshing.

Pineapple juice

My mom knows us well… she went on vacation and brought back saltwater taffy in ALL sorts of weird flavors – like mango chile, chicken and waffles, maple bacon…

Saltwater taffy

Have a wonderful week!


Links I’ve loved lately:

I’m totally into the idea of complement club.



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