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Weekly Wanderings {week 9}

The last two weeks in my world (I really should just start calling this “Biweekly Wanderings” at this point…!):

Son’s dad sent home a TON of Vietnamese braised pork belly. So good with pickled bean sprouts.

Vietnamese braised pork belly and pickled bean sprouts

Justified a four mile run by going to Five Guys for bugers and fries. 😀

Five Guys burger and fries

Pickled jalapeños + lemon zest + paprika + mayo + Dijon mustard + salt + pepper + fried onions = BOMB deviled eggs.

Gourmet deviled egg

Made these hot cross buns for Easter.

Hot Cross Buns

Son has challenged me to run a one-hour 10k a year from now. o_0 So of course my legs decide that now would be an excellent time to start cramping every time I run!


My everyday lunch.


OMG Tillamook White Chocolate Lemon Curd ice cream bars. The latest food love in my life.

White chocolate lemon curd ice cream bar


Links I’ve loved lately:

This black sesame cappuccino sounds amazing.

I’m pretty sure Son would flip over these gochujang pigs in a blanket!

Black. sesame. mochi. ice cream. The two Asian dessert things I adore most, in one ice cream!

These curry sweet potato fries with miso gravy. They’re vegan so they must be healthy, right? 😀

Interesting article about a sushi bar in Tokyo.


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