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Weekly Wanderings {2016 week 6}

Even though he’s gone now, the “El Pollo Loco for dad’s birthday” (and leftovers a day or two after) tradition lives on.

El Pollo Loco tacos

It’s that time of year!


When Son calls on his way home from the DMV and says, “hey, there’s a Lee’s Sandwiches here, want me to stop and get some banh mi?”, lunch gets that much more awesome.

Banh mi

Current morning habit: ballet warmup first thing in the morning, then milk tea and a warm blanket while I call into meetings.

Milk tea

After a long week of moving, a burger break is a must.

In N' Out Double Double

… two days in a row. (Ssshhhhh….)

Five Guys burger

Seaweed bibimbap. Tasty.

Seaweed bibimbap

Super bowl chili. Obviously, Fritos are a necessity.



Links I’ve loved lately:

This house is pretty nifty.



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