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Weekly Wanderings {2016 week 43}

This week in my world…

Ohmygod this pastrami sandwich from Orleans and York is so good.

Ms. Rachel sandwich

Peanut butter and jelly muffins. Holy shiitake mushrooms I’m addicted to these! Did I mention they’re vegan?

Peanut butter and jelly muffins

Chocolate and peanut butter muffins. Also delicious. Also vegan. Recipes for both will be on here eventually.

Chocolate peanut butter muffins

Makers gonna make…


Just playing around.


the best way i can think to honor our veterans
is to make sure the land of the free
stays that way
and ensure that their hard work and sacrifice
wasn’t all in vain

Safety pin necklace

Taco time!


Sometimes, life just makes you want to run away and join the circus.

Cirque du soleil



My bridespeople just weirdly happened to all be in town at the same time, so of course I threw a party just for the heck of it. (P.S. Did I mention Son and I are finally getting married… sometime next year?!)



Allison and Tegi



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