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Weekly Wanderings {week 18}

When you have a case of the Mondays… a fun breakfast helps. 😀

Bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon, dill


Met some friends at Manpuku for Japanese BBQ.

… or Korean BBQ? I’m still not entirely sure.

Japanese/Korean pickles

Either way, it was seriously delicious.

Garlic rice

And soooo much food. It wasn’t super pricey, but we still all left very satisfied.

Pork belly lettuce wrap


Took Son’s dad to Little Saigon for Father’s Day.

They have about a bazillion little food-to-go places, where you can buy tons of different Vietnamese foods to take home and eat later.

We somehow ended up stopping by seven of them. o_0

(I may or may not have snuck a piece of this bò lá lốt while Son and his dad were in another shop.)

Bò lá lốt

Then, for dinner, we ended up at a snail place (which happened to also be the seventh food-to-go shop).

Yes, snails. In the egg rolls. It was actually pretty tasty!

Egg roll with snail meat

Super spicy fermented pork belly (I didn’t try this one)

Super spicy fermented pork belly

Pandan waffle (I *definitely* tried this one… quite a bit. 😀 )

Pandan waffle

Balogna-type meat, with snails. The fried ones were really tasty.


Banh beo – one of my favorite Vietnamese foods.

Banh beo

Banh canh… kind of reminds me of Japanese udon.

Banh canh

Banh bot loc la. The food just kept coming… and unfortunately by this time I could only have a bite of it, but it was tasty! We got some to go. 😀

Banh bot loc la


And, on Father’s Day, a repeat of the hot milk cake I made for his birthday this year. Good stuff. ^_^

Hot milk cake


Currently reading:

I finished Perfect State, by Brandon Sanderson, in about a day. An interesting short story worth reading, especially if you’re a fan of his Reckoners series.

Currently re-reading Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan. I discovered his writing sometime last year, and instantly read everything I could find that he had published. Although he’s a new author, I would put him on the same level as Robert Jordan or Brandon Sanderson (who, I believe, is Brian McClellan’s mentor). The third book in the trilogy, The Autumn Republic, came out earlier this year, and I put off reading it because I didn’t want the series to end (please tell me I’m not the only one who does that?), so I’m now re-reading the first two books (and all his Powder Mage short stories and novellas) before getting into The Autumn Republic.


Links I’ve loved lately:

What is the greatest good? How do you make sure your money makes the most impact when donating to charities?

If you’re a nerd like me, then you’ll probably find this article about Obama and his geeks very interesting.

GOATS. IN. PAJAMAS. The best thing I’ve watched all year. 😀


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