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Weekly Wanderings {week 17}

This week in my world…

Typical lunch.

Sandwich and chips

Sent Son to the drugstore because we were out of potato chips, and he came back with these. Not complaining, they were actually pretty delicious.

Root vegetable chips


Brioche toast with jam

It felt like vacation… because the only time I’m ever somewhere that it’s this hot and humid at 9pm is on vacation. ^_^

Hot hot hot!



Gardening vicariously though the tomatoes my brother and his girlfriend planted at my dad’s house.

Tomato plant

Baby tomato! (Also, wall.)

Baby tomato

Some days, supermarket sushi will have to do.


Classic Santouka ramen.


Tried Rita’s Italian Ice for the first time, on my dad’s recommendation. Got the mango and vanilla gelati, and LOVED it.

Rita's Italian Ice

Spicy tuna onigiri from the Mitsuwa Gourmet Fair. Tastes like the onigiri from Japan. <3

Tuna onigiri

This onigiri was the bomb. It was even named “The Bomb”!

Bomb onigiri


Links I’ve loved lately:

Reading as therapy? I’m totally down with that.


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