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Weekly Wanderings {week 14}

Son knows how to make me feel better when I’m super stressed. It usually involves ice cream… or in this case, almond crunch gelato. <3

Almond crunch gelato


The Mitsuwa Hawaii Gourmet Fair was this week!

Their saimin was most excellent.


Son quite enjoyed the garlic shrimp plate.

Garlic shrimp plate

Spam musubi. From front: perilla leaf, wasabi, and tamago + furikake nori.

Spam musubi


85°C has macarons now. Not bad… we particularly liked the black sesame one.



Pepper chicken from our go-to Chinese restaurant. Crispy-crunchy, delicious, with just the slightest bit of a kick.

Pepper chicken


Links I’ve loved lately:

I always love the short stories on Some Kitchen Stories, and this one particularly struck a chord this week.


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