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Weekly Wanderings {week 12}

This week in my life…

One of my favorite things about living in LA is the fact that I can easily go to Japanese, Korean, and American supermarkets in a single trip… which results in some very random (but delicious) dinners.

Random Korean stuff for dinner


Next week marks ten years (!!!) since my first date with Son. He gave me a gift early – an adorable terrarium (and, fingers-crossed, finally a plant that I won’t kill…)!



Japanese miso hot pot, no spice, with rice.

Japanese Miso Hot Pot

Lamb hot pot, medium spice, with rice.

Lamb Hot Pot

Can you guess whose is whose? 😀


New boots.



My first-ever experience eating crawfish. (I spent the first couple of minutes turning it this way and that, trying to figure out just how on earth you’re supposed to open the darn thing!)


As you can tell from the aftermath, this will definitely be happening again.

Crawfish aftermath


Mother’s Day sushi date with Son’s mom.

Tuna Nigiri


Looking through boxes of old schoolwork in my dad’s garage, I came across this card. Of course, I had to give it to my mom for Mother’s Day (again). ^_^

Mother's Day Card

Our Mother’s Day tradition for years was to visit grandma, and go to her favorite restaurant (the salmon plate was the thing to order). Grandma passed away last year, so we decided to revisit the tradition one last time to honor grandma.

Salmon Plate

Happy Mother’s Day!


Links I’ve loved lately:

Diversity, and acceptance of diversity, is oh so important, in all walks of life. But that acceptance and inclusion of people who are not straight white males needs to happen from the top down… and it’s not, yet.

The programming talent myth. Spoiler alert: most programmers aren’t “rockstars”… in fact, most are just average, and that’s okay.

I finished Tara Austen Weaver‘s new book, Orchard House this week, and now would really like to move to Seattle and start a gigantic garden. (In the meantime, I’ll be here in LA, living vicariously through other peoples’ beautiful vegetable-filled plots in the community garden nearby, bemoaning my lack of a green thumb.) I wanted to write a review, but then read this review and realized that nothing I might say could so eloquently and perfectly describe how wonderful Tara’s book is. Also, Tea, where can I apply to be one of your nieces once the current ones grow up? 😀

As a lady programmer… this. 😀


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