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Weekly Wanderings {week 10}

Last week started off with doughnuts.

Homemade doughnuts.

Homemade doughnuts that my mom made, from a recipe she found on Fridgg.

They were wonderful. ^_^

Chocolate doughnut


Monday was my mom’s birthday! All three of us kids took her out for Mexican food at her favorite local Mexican restaurant.

I had fish tacos (meh) and enchilada soup (so good).

Fish tacos

Son got our usual go-to order of sweet and spicy shrimp.

Sweet and spicy shrimp


Normally I work from home, but Wednesday I had to be out, and I realized last-minute that I needed something for lunch.

Long story short, I’m now kind of obsessed with those new Starbucks Thai peanut chicken wraps. I wasn’t expecting much (because refrigerator case food? … bleh.), but these are actually really freaking delicious.

Starbucks Thai chicken wrap


Happened to be in the area, so we stopped by Padua Pasta Makers, which I’ve been wanting to try since they opened. The antipasta salad was delicious! Definitely want to try some of their fresh pastas one of these days.

Antipasta from Padua Pasta


Son’s dad wanted to go try a snail place in Little Saigon, so we headed down there yesterday.

Yes, you heard me right, SNAILS.

They’re cooked in a coconut broth, and they’re SO GOOD.

Coconut curry snails

That is, if you can get them out of their damn shells.

Coconut curry snail

I was kind of obsessed with the grilled squid.

Grilled squid

The grilled scallops were good, too.

Grilled scallop

Ginormous peppery snails.

Large peppered snail

Of course, being in Little Saigon, we had to go get all the other good Vietnamese foods we can’t get elsewhere… so of course we bought banh mi, chicken curry, and plenty of tropical fruits (jackfruit! durian!).



Have a wonderful week!


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