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Wafflemeister, London {May 2014}

After dinner at Tombo, we were walking back towards The Ampersand when we came across a Wafflemeister.

I follow a lot of food and travel bloggers on Instagram, and it just so happened that a few days before we left for our trip, another blogger was visiting London as well. One of the places she mentioned as a must-try was Wafflemeister.

So many delicious options!

Waffle display at Wafflemeister

On the recommendation from the man working there, we ended up with a liege waffle topped with whipped cream, white chocolate, and strawberries. (£4.1)

Leige waffle with whipped cream, white chocolate, strawberries
Outside of Wafflemeister

It was very sweet, almost cloyingly so, but still very delicious. A tasty start to our trip!

Tasty recommendation from the man working at Wafflemeister: liege waffle with whipped cream, white chocolate, and strawberries. London is starting off deliciously. ^_^
Random street near the hotel

When we travel, we tend to wander a lot.

Another street near the hotel

We also have a habit of stopping by grocery and convenience stores – both to see how the locals shop, and to pick up plenty of water for the trip so we’re not murdered by the ridiculous prices hotels tend to charge for water.

Kinder egg display

We found a convenience store just a couple of blocks away from our hotel, but more importantly… we found Kinder eggs!

Allison with a Kinder egg

I’m not ashamed to admit, this was one of my top priorities for the trip. When we were kids, my dad used to (illegally?) bring us back Kinder eggs every time he had to go to Europe for business trips. I still love the little toys you get in them, especially when they’re the kind you have to put together – and Kinder chocolate is one of my favorites!

Night time view from our room
Priority #1. ^_^ Opening Kinder egg Opened Kinder egg


Goodnight, London. Stay tuned for much more deliciousness in Europe!

26 Cromwell Place
London, SW7 2LD


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  1. I can’t comment on the waffles but I still remember Kinder Eggs from when I was a kid and have some of the prizes. You can still buy them in Canada.

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