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Friday Fridgg Favorites

{photo credit: Nicky’s Kitchen Sanctuary}

a few of my favorite things on Fridgg this week:

these sound pretty damn delicious {What’s Cooking with Jim}

i’m intrigued {How to Philosophize with Cake}

this is a fun idea {No Spoon Necessary}

i would like these in my life {Cook This Again, Mom!}

i’ll take three of these, please {Cooking and Beer}

this thai grilled corn sounds amazing {Create Mindfully}

these eggplant rolls are so pretty! {Halal Home Cooking}

i fell in love with burrata last summer, so this is definitely happening asap {Family Foodie}

i’m not usually a granola person, but i could totally change that for this coconut macaroon granola {Kitchen Sanctuary}

this butternut squash and bacon mac n’ cheese, please {No Spoon Necessary}

ooooooooh! {Nutmeg Nanny}

egg tarts are my favorite {Lara Ngai}

these macarons are super hot {The Devil Wears Parsley}

pretty pink frosting {Homemade Food Junkie}

this dressing {Healthier Steps}

this salad looks so delicious and refreshing {Kitchen Sanctuary}

love this idea! {Nosh My Way}

i’d give you my heart for these tarts! {Cooks with Cocktails}

i hardly even drink much, but this just feels so classy {Blossom to Stem}

chocolate lava cake for breakfast. omgyes. {Catching Seeds}

crispy brussels sprouts are one of my many weaknesses {The Endless Meal}

need to make these chocolate raspberry tarts for my mother – she’d love them! {Homemade Food Junkie}

i’m not really an omelet person, but i totally could be for this omelet {Lifestyle Food Artistry}

these cookies. so delicate! {Kitchen Sanctuary}

ohmygod this. {Domestically Blissful}

i want a big bowl of this in my tummy now, please {The Chunky Chef}

also, these. gooey caramel is the bestest. {The Chunky Chef}

japanese curry is my ultimate comfort food {Foodie on Board}

this lasagna looks like fun {Joe’s Healthy Meals}

i’m obsessed with the colors in this photo. also, lobster spring rolls WHAT. {No Spoon Necessary}

i have absolutely zero problems with this cake, except for the fact that i don’t have a slice of it in front of me right now {Sugarhero!}

these sliders, to beat out all other sliders {Noshing with the Nolands}

this photo makes me want to go back to london {All That’s Jas}

the chocolatiest chocolate tart {Melanie Makes}

oooey gooey delicious {Cooking and Beer}

this sauce sounds amazing {Catching Seeds}

the cheesiest! {Homemade Hooplah}

the prettiest pistachio cupcakes {Food By Mars}

four words: dulce. de. leche. madelines. {The Spiced Life}

this bundt cake are what dreams are made of {Noshing with the Nolands}

WHAT. {SugarHero!}

chocolate peanut butter everything {Use Real Butter}

like the japanese an pan i grew up eating {From My Lemony Kitchen}

my Friday Fridgg Favorites are a very small selection of the photos and recipes on Fridgg that I’ve loved in the past week. this is by no means an all-encompassing list of what’s awesome on Fridgg this week. take a look, and find your favorites!

do you have a favorite that I didn’t mention? let me know in the comments!


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  1. If you like lava cake … try mine. The recipe is a breeze. It’s all in the baking time. 🙂

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