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Friday Fridgg Favorites

{photo credit: Nikki from Tikkido}

a few of my favorite things on Fridgg this week:

rock that beet! {Crafty Cooking Mama}

all-american apple pie cupcakes {Samantha’s Kitchen Table}

fried melty cheesy deliciousness {Krumpli}

this stew sounds like comfort food! {The Spiced Life}

love these jasmine green tea macarons {Lisa’s Lemony Kitchen}

crispy potatoes for the win! {The Circus Gardener’s Kitchen}

adore the flavors in these popsicles {Cooking LSL}

can’t go wrong with cheese + potatoes + bacon {The British Menu}

this chocolate peanut butter mug cake is dangerous knowledge to have! {Sweet2Eat Baking}

adore these delicate flatbread crackers {The Circus Gardener’s Kitchen}

these savory hong kong-style crepes sound excellent {Estalystic}

watermelon may just be my favorite thing about summer {Tikkido}

chocolate and peanut butter, always and forever {Tikkido}

this tasty vietnamese tofu is definitely on my to-make list {The Circus Gardener’s Kitchen}

all over these sliders {Black Girl Chef’s Whites}

a beautifully-composed salad {The Circus Gardener’s Kitchen}

always love chinese steamed buns {Use Real Butter}

love these beautiful popsicles! {Blossom to Stem}

peach and passionfruit are perfect flavors for popsicles! {SugarHero!}

a beautiful rainbow fruit salad {Love Bakes Good Cakes}

beer-batter all the vegetables {The Circus Gardener’s Kitchen}

my Friday Fridgg Favorites are a very small selection of the photos and recipes on Fridgg that I’ve loved in the past week. this is by no means an all-encompassing list of what’s awesome on Fridgg this week. take a look, and find your favorites!

do you have a favorite that I didn’t mention? let me know in the comments!


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