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Archive for July, 2016

Weekly Wanderings {2016 week 28}

This is how I breakfast.

Chorizo breakfast sandwich

Karaage – Japanese fried chicken. The best.


B. L. T.


The best bรกnh bรจo. ๐Ÿ˜‹

Banh beo

Such tasty cรก kho tแป™ (caramelized claypot fish)!

Caramelized claypot fish

Guava mochilato (like mochi ice cream, but with gelato instead).

Guava mochilato



All the tacos.


Allll the tacos.




Mini business trip. Hanging in the hotel room.

Hanging out in the hotel room


Weekly Wanderings {2016 week 27}

Homemade bรกnh mรฌ, made with the chicken from a slow cooker Vietnamese chicken and bok choy recipe that I make often. So good! Oh, and that home-grown cilantro is ๐Ÿ‘Œ.

Homemade banh mi

Yellow flowers.

Yellow flowers

The kind of tree that faeries live in.

Gnarly tree

The best part of trips to Japan is buying the “instant” ramen that comes with fresh ramen noodles…


and then eating it for weeks and weeks once we get back home. ๐Ÿ˜€


Chorizo breakfast sandwich with a frico egg. YUM.

Chorizo breakfast sandwich

More ramen!


Tuna sandwich.

Tuna sandwich

LA is on fire…

Smoke from the fire

Unagi, onsen egg, rice.

Unagi over rice

Caprese salad, all summer long. ๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…

Caprese salad



My fun new door wreath, courtesy of my mom, the most crafty creative person I know!

Summer wreath

A homemade attempt at garlic pork. Not bad…

Garlic pork


Links I’ve loved lately:

Molly’s writing, always.

Diversity in tech. It’s a problem.


Weekly Wanderings {2016 week 26}

Confession: I actually really, really enjoy putting together IKEA furniture.

Allison putting together furniture

Garlic pork and karaage. Lots of yum.

Garlic pork and karaage


Allison eating karaage



She refuses to download the app, but she can’t avoid the craze, especially when cleaning out my brother’s old room…

Mom found a pikachu

A sweet, herbal Chinese dessert soup.

Chinese dessert

IKEA construction success!



Weekly Wanderings {2016 week 25}

How to save your spot for fireworks…


Mini ice cream sandwiches, made with Oreo Thins and homemade vanilla ice cream. MY MOTHER IS A GENIUS THESE ARE THE TASTIEST THINGS EVER.

Oreo ice cream sandwiches

Grubbin’ on the Fourth of July.

4th of July grub

She made them with vanilla Oreos too. SO GOOD.

Oreo ice cream sandwiches


Allison watching fireworks

Again, without the hood.

Allison watching fireworks

Pretty city lights.

Allison watching fireworks

This guy.

Son watching fireworks



Explosions in the sky!


It was an awesome show.


… and a heck of a view.


Mendo’s banh mi. Holy tastiness, Batman!

Mendocino Farms banh mi

Origami koi.

Origami koi

Cool patterns in paper, at the Japanese American National Museum.

Origami patterns

Post-museum curry bun.

Curry bun


Pokemon Go?

Ramen with homemade pork belly.


Beach life.




Making faces.

Son making faces

Yup, this guy again.


We match! Kinda.


By land, sea, and sky.



Weekly Wanderings {2016 week 24}

The thing about best friends, is even though it’s been years and years and years since we’ve seen each other, it feels like it was no time at all.

Allison and Chelsea

Gave the microwave a badly-needed cleaning for the first time in ages… and somehow managed to break the microwave by cleaning it.

Out of order microwave

Mama’s strawberry frozen yogurt pie. A Day family summer tradition since 1986.

Frozen yogurt pie


Links I’ve loved lately:

I was a 90s kid. So, obviously, I was totally obsessed with everything Lisa Frank. (And I do mean everything.) Which is why I’m really, really hoping somebody will get me this Lisa Frank adult coloring book for my birthday in a few months. Pretty please? ๐Ÿ˜‰