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Linzer Sables – TWD

Linzer Sables

This week, I’m a little late posting, but I *did* make the Linzer Sables picked by Dennis from Living the Life.

Though I left out the nuts in the cookies, I made up for that by doubling the filling – chocolate plus strawberry jam! Yum.

Yummy chocolate-strawberry filling.

Will I be making these again? Probably not. Too dry and hard for my preferences, and there are so many other cookies that I prefer. But still, they were definitely yummy.

Linzer Sables


3 Responses

  1. OMG! Both fillings in one cookies… why waist time right!? That must have been delicious Allison!
    I truly love the rustic feel you gave those sablés – worth any fancy cookie cutter! BRAVO!

    Vibi’s last blog post… Vingt-neuvième participation aux TWD – Sablés de Linz au chocolat

  2. I love the rustic look of your cookies. Strawberry jam and chocolate sound divine. I agree re: the taste–these cookies were more pretty and less tasty.

    wendy’s last blog post… {TWD} E-linzer-phant Sablés

  3. Thank you both! I don’t have cookie cutters and didn’t have the time to buy or borrow any, so I figured square cookies would work just as well.

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