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Archive for November, 2015

Weekly Wanderings {week 40}


Bad tearing job

Recipe testing.

Unbaked cookies

Final product…

Baked cookies

Time to sample! The Os won.

Cookie sampling


Links I’ve loved lately:

Good to know…


Things I want to eat:

This is my childhood.

These pea pod fries look so delicious.

Such snackable parmesan herb crisps.


Weekly Wanderings {week 39}



Repurposing a recipe fail.

Fried banh it tran filling

Writing by night light.

Writing by night light


Links I’ve loved lately:

Love this simple explanation of general relativity.


Things I want to eat:

I mean honestly, who doesn’t love fried mashed potato balls?

Yes to all the tacos.

This is my kind of stuffing.

Amazing comfort food.

These date squares look so tasty.

Moo shu chicken was always my favorite thing to order at Chinese restaurants.


Weekly Wanderings {week 38}

Traffic jam, LA-style.

LA Traffic


Links I’ve loved lately:

Somebody make me one of these, please!


Things I want to eat:

Today’s Son’s birthday! Among other things, I made him a batch of sesame nori roasted cashews. So good.

Snickerdoodle bread is an excellent excuse to eat snickerdoodles for breakfast, which is an idea I can totally get behind.

Pierogis were my favorite growing up (though ours always came frozen).


Weekly Wanderings {week 37}

That wonderful thing when a friend makes you a bunch of healthy deliciousness, which feeds you for the next week. <3

Protein mix salad



Hot pot.

Hot pot

Cold ice cream.




Still eating breakfast tacos after our Austin trip.

Breakfast tacos


Links I’ve loved lately:

YASSSSSS I so want one of these.


Things I want to eat:

Son’s dad has been sending che xoi nuoc home with us whenever we visit recently, so now I really want to learn to make it.

I am always all about everything chocolate peanut butter.

And while we’re on the topic of my obsessions, black sesame everything.

This pumpkin pasta looks pretty amazing.

These coconut maple-glazed carrots sound wonderful.

And miso cauliflower? Yeah, I could totally do that.

These apple fritters are making me swoon.

The absolute cutest totoro egg toasts!

When I was a teenager, I was obsessed with Violet Crumble. So now, every time I see a recipe for honeycomb candy, I really really want to make it…

I adore scallion pancakes, especially if there’s bacon involved!

This ramen looks amazing, in the trashiest possible way.

I mean, who *wouldn’t* love a homemade twinkie bundt cake?!

These baklava bars sound pretty amazing.


Weekly Wanderings {week 36}

I love being able to go for a run in the morning.

Early morning run

Buuuut… I’m a total night owl, so it’s a very, very rare occasion when it happens!


Still, there’s something so special about a fresh new day.

Dewy grass

Chè Trôi Nước – mung bean-filled mochi, in a sweet ginger soup. So good, so comforting.

Chè Trôi Nước

Daikichi sushi.

Daikichi sushi

Oh so tasty – I love these more interesting versions of inari sushi!

Daikichi sushi




Links I’ve loved lately:

This bookstore hotel looks pretty darn cool.


Things I want to eat:

I always, always want sesame balls.

I’ve been wanting to learn to make bolognese, and this asian bolognese sounds even better!

I got a pressure cooker for Christmas a year ago, and haven’t taken it out of the box yet… but this Korean beef short rib stew sounds like the perfect way to break it in!

Pork belly is always a yes in this household.

This butter sage chicken looks insanely good.