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Contest Time – Sugoi Garlic Sauce!

Yummy Sugoi Garlic Sauce

Everyone loves contests. Heck, who doesn’t enjoy an opportunity to win free stuff? Especially when it’s awesome, free, yummy, food stuff?

You may remember almost a month ago, when I raved about Sugoi’s garlic chicken. Since they sell the sauce online, we knew we would be ordering some when we got home. Since we were ordering some for ourselves anyways we figured, why not reward our awesome readers with a giveaway?

This sauce has many different potential uses – drench fried chicken with it, use it as a marinade, it can even be mixed with mayonnaise and used as a dip or dressing. It’s entirely up to your imagination!

So here’s your chance: just leave a comment on this post by midnight PST on Friday, October 24. Make sure to leave your name and email address, so I can contact you if you win. I will randomly pick two commenters, and announce the winners next Monday. Good luck!

Note: Because of shipping costs and restrictions, I’m limiting winners to those in North America. So sorry to the rest of the world, but one of these days I promise I’ll have a contest you can participate in as well.

Garlic chicken from Sugoi… yum!

Welcome, my friends

Welcome, my friends, to my new home. Well, not so much a new home as an addition to my house. A second story, if you will. Calling this my new home would imply that I’m moving out of my old one, which isn’t the case at all. Rather, this will be a supplement to Sushi Day.

As Sushi Day is the place where I write about the types of sushi I make, Fridgg will be my place for writing about everything but sushi. My diet and my life consist of so many foods aside from sushi, and it was very nearly driving me mad not to have a place to share them with you. Every time I bake, or make dinner for myself and Son, or go to a restaurant, I want to be able to share my recipes and experiences with you. I’m so excited that I finally can!

So come on in, kick off your shoes, and make yourself at home. I’ll be in the kitchen, where you’re welcome to join me, cooking all sorts of delicious goodies for you.

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