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Chocolate Torte Hello everyone, and welcome to the blog! I’m Allison Day, a Southern Californian web developer who loves to cook. Many of you might know me from my first blog, Sushi Day, where I have blogged for almost two years about sushi before starting this blog. Although I will, of course, continue to blog about sushi over on Sushi Day, I’ve been wanting to branch out for a while and share all of the other delicious meals that I eat when I’m not making sushi.

When I’m not cooking (or eating), I love coding, dancing, and creative writing. My dear boyfriend, Son, is always a huge help with the blog, particularly when it comes to consuming all the food I make.

SonSon is my dear boyfriend. He has been an incredible help in every step of my blogging journey. He has designed and coded both the Fridgg blog, and Sushi Day, my sushi blog. Son is Fridgg’s CTO (Chief Tasting Officer). He is always the first person to try every recipe I make, so if it makes it past him and on to the blog, you know the recipe has got to be good.

Son grew up in Vietnam, and moved to the U.S. when he was ten years old. His taste preferences tend mostly towards Asian foods, although I don’t believe there is a food in this world that he won’t eat. Now he works as a software engineer for a well-known internet company.

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