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Chinese Dumplings with Mushrooms and Egg

Egg and mushroom wonton

One of Son’s favorite foods is wonton soup. He always requests it, but up until now I’ve never made it. (*tsk tsk* – bad girlfriend!)

Egg and mushroom wonton

When he saw this post on Fridgg from Cindy of Mijo Recipes, he immediately sent me the link, with a side of puppy dog eyes.

Okay, okay, I’ll make those wontons for you. Stop looking at me with those eyes. No, seriously, stop it!

Eggs and green onions

A couple of weeks later, when I had a few free hours (I haven’t been cooking much lately, if you couldn’t already tell from the lack of posts), I made him his wontons.

And was amazed (amazed!) at how ridiculously easy it was to make.

You just cook the filling (easy as making scrambled eggs), fill the wontons (I thought I was totally going to botch the wrapping part, but it was actually pretty easy!), and boil them. Like I said, easy!

Egg and mushroom wontons

Let’s just say I have no excuse not to make these again – not only were they crazy easy to make, but they were delicious, too!

And you know it’s a good recipe when my mom, who happened to stop by when I was cooking, told me, “So next time I’m sick, you’ll make this for me, right?”

Yep, I’ll definitely be making these again. 😀

With just a little Sriracha sauce

You can find the recipe here: Chinese Dumplings with Mushrooms and Eggs. I stuck to the recipe almost exactly, and boiled them in chicken stock.

Wondering exactly how to form the wontons? Check out the short insta-video I made!